Monday, 19 March 2012

Final Sparring Round

The second and last round of television debates were held tonight before 1,200 people cast votes on Sunday to decide who will be the next chief executive of Hong Kong.

This time the audience was more vocal, as the audience was made up of the actual Election Committee. This gave an opportunity for the voters to directly question the candidates their stance on whatever issue they were concerned about.

Questions ranged from property prices to the environment, education and the economy.

This time there was no instant poll, and while pan-democrat Albert Ho Chun-yan had no qualms challenging the two main contenders again, Leung Chun-ying continued his confident poise, while Tang shed the awkward dramatics from last time and stuck to his points.

Who will win? Public opinion says it's Leung, but it's not up to them.

There may be a number of blank votes cast on Sunday as a protest against the quality of the two leading contenders, Leung and Henry Tang Ying-yen.

"There's a lot of members talking about ABCYT," said Eric Cheung, an assistant law professor at the University of Hong Kong and also an election committee member. "That stands for, anybody but CY and Tang."

Beijing doesn't want this election not to produce a winner -- that would mean another run-off in May, before the new leader takes office July 1.

There are seven more days to go for both Leung and Tang to win more votes -- so it's going to go down to the wire.

Who knew Hong Kong politics would result in a cliff-hanger ending?

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