Sunday, 4 March 2012

Peddling Tradition

The poster for the latest commercial by Cartier
Cartier unveils its latest advertising campaign in the form of a three and a half minute commercial today that was shown in movie theatres and TV channels today.

Called L'Odyssee de Cartier, it's a lavish production, that was filmed on location in Prague, Paris, Italy and Spain.

The main character of course is the jewellery house's icon, the panther.

Using the sleek, fast animal originated from artistic director Jeanne Toussaint, whose nickname was "La panthere".

In the ad the panther breaks out from its bejewelled shell and travels the world while recounting Cartier's 165-year history.

The panther and the dragon face to face in China
What's interesting is that one of the animal's first destinations is China, where it comes face-to-face with a computer-generated gold dragon. The Chinese-style mythical animal then flies over the Chinese landscape and morphs into the Great Wall.

While the scene is an obvious homage to China, but also a hope to expand its markets there, Cartier also tries to prove its legitimacy, saying the brand already began creating dragon designs in the 1920s when Louis Cartier designed the Bestiaire line.

Another scene includes a fantastical one featuring the "tutti fruitti" collection, where the jewellery pieces feature the blue, green and red stones. The panther wanders through a Mughal-inspired room where crocodiles are covered in gemstones as well as flamingos.

There is also the introduction of the Tank watch and how it was commissioned by Albert Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviator pioneer. He wanted to make it easier to look at his wristwatch so Cartier put the watch on leather straps to fasten around his wrist.

The commercial is so loaded with historical context that it's a pity it gets lost when viewing it without any previous explanation.

Nevertheless, it's a fitting encapsulation of what Cartier has achieved in the past.

So what has it done today?

In any event here's the commercial:

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