Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Panda Poop Tea

The entrepreneur sampling his own tea in a panda outfit
The scam of the day comes from Chinese entrepreneur An Yanshi who is selling tea that has been cultivated using panda poop.

While completely organic, the green tea costs more than $200 a cup!

The first batch of tea leaves will be sold in 50-gram packages costing 22,000 RMB ($3,481), making it the world's most expensive tea.

An collects the panda excrement from breeding centres and then uses it on his tea plantation in Yaan, Sichuan.

"They are like a machine that is churning out organic fertilizer," he said. "They keep eating and they keep producing feces. Also, they absorb less than 30 percent of the nutrition from the food, and that means more than 70 percent of the nutrients are passed out in their feces."

Excuse me, but all living beings produce feces and it's always been a great fertilizer. For centuries before the invention of chemical fertilizers, people had been using "night soil" for generations.

An is trying to make the use of panda poop look like it's completely revolutionary and that consumers should pay a whopping fee for it.

He even says, "I just want to convey to the people of the world the message of turning waste into something useful, and the culture of recycling and using organic fertilizers."

Yes, we get the environmentally friendly exercise, but sorry, not impressed.

While people are concerned about what they are eating and drinking in China, paying through the nose is not what they had in mind.

Perhaps he needs the money to pay off his workers who all wear vests with hoods that are shaped like panda heads...

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