Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Last Supper

Dim Sum Restaurant will shut down after tomorrow
Tomorrow evening Dim Sum Restaurant in Happy Valley will close its doors after many years of business.

It was famous for its dim sum menu featuring deluxe items like har gao or steamed shrimp dumplings with lobster or bird's nest, siu mai topped with shark's fin, as well as homestyle dishes.

Shrimp wontons in chilli sauce
Friends of mine who live in Happy Valley and have eaten there regularly for over 15 years saw the notice and we decided to have one last dinner there tonight. It was the usual scene -- not too busy around 6:30pm but an hour later there was a lineup outside the door.

And strangely the restaurant isn't closing because of the landlord demanding higher rent -- according to one of the long-time staff, the owner just wants to close shop. That puts several people out of work and regular patrons wondering where to have their dim sum fix in Happy Valley.

I remember my first time going to the restaurant in the mid-90s. My boyfriend at the time and I had heard so much about the place that we finally made a trip there on a Sunday morning.
Siu mai or steamed pork dumplings topped with shark's fin

We were so excited to be there and see the pictured menu that we went crazy and ordered way too much food for two people.

And that is the day that I ate so much food my stomach hurt.

We thought we'd walk off the meal, but I was in so much pain just walking out the door that we had to take a taxi home and rest.

Consequently I continued to go there with the aforementioned friends and another who used to live in Hong Kong on a regular basis.

So it's sad to see our regular place is closing. It was different from most places because of its cozy Art Deco decor, with 1920s Chinese cigarette posters framed on the walls, old school fans and lamps, wooden booths and tables. Most of the staff had worked there for a long time too.

The restaurant has an Art Deco-style interior with lots of wood
Tonight we ordered a few dim sum dishes including har gao, siu mai, fried onion cake, shrimp wontons in chilli sauce, and also some dishes like fried pork chop with vegetable rice served in a bamboo holder, beef slices in a sweet sauce, and Japanese tofu with mixed vegetables.

And then, we just about finished everything, paid the bill and walked out, but not without saying good bye to the staff and manager.

Thanks for the memories.


  1. I loved those rice dishes in bamboo holder. I am utterly sad and wish I had made a visit last summer now that I will no longer have an opportunity to visit them again. Goodbye Herbie, for all those great memories!

  2. It turns out Herbie is the manager, not the owner of the restaurant. We talked to one of the staff and she looked quite sad because she remembered the three of you going there before Bernie and Juliana got married! We'll have to see what happens to that space...