Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Quote of the Day: Patrick Tang Kim-kwan

Who is the real cheater?

"King of Shoes" Patrick Tang Kim-kwan was testifying in court yesterday about how he was upset his mistress cheated on him.

The 69-year-old admitted being embarrassed when Karen Lee Chi-ting had a fling with former Mr Hong Kong Francois Huynh, calling her an unfaithful liar.

The reason why he was in court was because he is trying to recover ownership of three properties in Sai Kung, Hung Hom and Tsim Sha Tsui, as well as the sale proceeds of a fourth in West Kowloon.

He claimed he had not given the properties to Lee because "they cost quite a lot".

We should imagine those four properties would be quite expensive.

Tang heads the shoe-trading empire called ATG Sourcing with an estimated fortune of HK$2 billion.

The court heard Tang was "madly in love" with Lee at first in 2002 and he put her name as joint owner of a house in Marina Cover in Sai Kung, subject to her faithfulness to him. However, he said she proved untrustworthy in the seven years of their relationship.

"During the 'honeymoon' [in the first few months], my eyes were virtually blind and my ears virtually deaf," Tang said. "When you are in love with someone, you would not bother about [what people say about her]."

Tang claimed Lee told him in December 2002 she was pregnant, but a medical report showed she didn't conceive until March 2003.

Her lawyer suggested it would have been easy for Tang to tell if her belly was growing and asked why he didn't find out if she was lying.

"Did you have an intimate relationship with the defendant during the so-called honeymoon period?" the lawyer asked, clarifying she meant sexual intercourse.

"A lot," replied Tang. "She is not the first woman who became pregnant by me. I didn't pay attention [to the pregnancy claim]."

How strange he would not seem to care if his mistress was pregnant or not, and seems to enjoy bragging about his sexual prowess.

Nevertheless, the court earlier heard Tang juggled a wife and two mistresses. He gave Lee a HK$50,000 monthly allowance and paid the mortgages on the Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui and West Kowloon homes. He also gave her jewellery worth HK$3.1 million as well as HK$4.2 million in cash.

Outside court, Tang said, "I have so much money that I can't spend it all. Now when I see women, I'll avoid them, especially attractive women."

Hmmm being a mistress can be a really good gig. And Lee definitely hit the jackpot with this wealthy paramour.

But how can Tang claim Lee cheated on him, when he was cheating on his wife?


  1. you're not faithful to your wife either, Mr Tang!

  2. Mr Tang is unfaithful not only to his wife but also to his 3 ! mistresses who knew nothing of each other.
    He seems to have a very big ego that is now hurt because his mistress fell for someone else.
    He is seeking revenge by cutting her of financially even though she is the mother of his child and the properties where given to her. He does not seem to realize he is making himself completely ridiculous.
    Very poor looser.