Monday, 1 October 2012

In Defense of Dad

In yesterday's posting I neglected to add that Bo Xilai's son Bo Guagua will never be able to return to China after his mother was convicted of murder and now his father already accused of many crimes.

The younger Bo has voiced his opinion, posting in a statement on Tumblr:

"Personally, it is hard for me to believe the allegations that were announced against my father, because they contradict everything I have come to know about him throughout my life. Although the policies my father enacted are open to debate, the father I know is upright in his beliefs and devoted to duty. He has always taught me to be my own person and to have concern for causes greater than ourselves. I have tried to follow his advice. At this point, I expect the legal process to follow its normal course, and I will await the result."

One can't but help analyze Bo Guagua's comments.

Bo Xilai may have been a good father, but an upstanding citizen? He had no qualms violently taking down triads instead of letting the rule of law take its course. And what about the possibly millions of dollars he and Gu Kailai funneled out of China? Isn't that illegal?

Sure he was probably a devoted dad, but he doesn't seem like a righteous leader.

Bo junior is either very naive or thinks he can muddy the waters over the accusations of his father in the hopes of swaying public opinion.

On the one hand people like President Hu Jintao and Vice President Xi Jinping are relieved Bo Xilai is out of the picture in the lineup for the Standing Committee, but there are others who are dismayed the Communist Party of China is moving further away from its communist ideals and not returning to the path that Mao Zedong had set up decades earlier.

So while trying to defend his father, Bo Guagua probably being in the United States doesn't do much good. He is too far away and too young to influence anyone in Beijing. It's a sad footnote to the whole debacle that will move forward to a trial before the start of the 18th National People's Congress.

Probably even more ironic is that Bo Xilai's trial will be so rushed that he won't even have the benefit of being tried by rule of law.

How the tables have turned.

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