Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Picture of the Day: BC Place

Vancouver's BC place and its glowing reflection in the water
Vancouver's BC Place has a wonderful glow about it. The LED lights enable it to change colours throughout the evening.

However I still can't get over its relatively new roof setup that makes it look like a massive spider with cables keeping the roof up.

Previously it looked like a giant white puffy marshmallow when it opened on June 19, 1983 as the world's largest air-supported roof. But in January 2007 there was a tear in the fabric roof that quickly led to the deflation of the roof.

A year later $150 million was spent on renovations and not only fixing the roof but also making it retractable. It reopened in September 2011 having the world's largest retractable roof.

Pretty much everyone likes the roof, but I still think it has some arachnid theme about it...

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