Saturday, 5 July 2014

Calling for Attention

Mother and daughter have switched shoes for some reason...
Did she or didn't she?

Aside from the big debate about Hong Kong's future with regards to universal suffrage, people are wondering if Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's daughter tried to commit suicide last week in the UK where she lives.

On June 25, Leung Chai-yan, 22, posted a picture on Facebook that looked like she was lying next to a bathtub with a slashed wrist and water tinged red. Next to the picture she wrote? "Will I bleed to death?"

An hour later she posted another picture showing a hand that appeared to be covered in blood and wrote, "I love blood".

Her disturbing messages came as her parents were on a plane to attend her younger sister Leung Chung-yan's graduation ceremony, as she had completed her economics degree at Cambridge University.

His office did not comment, but then hours later there was a picture posted on the Speak Easy Hong Kong website, known as a mouthpiece for the chief executive, showed him and his wife Regina Tong Ching-yee with Leung Chun-ying in the middle on a park bench in Hyde Park.

Interestingly the daughter is wearing long sleeves and not showing her wrists right side up -- but strangely mother and daughter are each wearing a pair of gray shoes and leopard print shoes.

Are they saying they have the same shoe size?

A few days later, Chinese University politics lecturer Ivan Choy Chi-keung published an article on June 31, that allegedly quoted Leung Chai-yan saying she was persuaded to go to Hyde Park to take a family photo and that it was a poor PR stunt.

When he returned to Hong Kong, Leung called for privacy for his daughter.

Yesterday Regina couldn't seem to resist to hit back at the media and criticized its coverage of her daughter. She also said Choy.

"Mr Choy based his article on fragmented information he obtained by himself and from the media and used mean words in his malicious criticism," she said. "Mr Choy's behaviour shows he is shallow, ignorant, cold-blooded and unfeeling... I worry for his students for having such a 'teacher'."

As she was talking, her mobile phone rang and the caller ID said "CY Leung" but it was unclear if it was actually him calling or not as she didn't take the call.

She also told the media that she had not consulted with her husband nor with his office before speaking out, and reiterated the issue was a "family matter".

"What I am saying today is not a PR stunt, and I am not playing with words," she added.

When Choy was asked by the media to respond, he said, "She doesn't have to shout insults in public."

Seems Leung Chai-yan has created a storm by posting the shocking photos online and then saying she had "disharmony" with her mother for personal problems that led to her cutting her wrist.

For now we won't know what really happened -- did she or didn't she -- but following this incident we know all is not well with the Leung family...

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