Tuesday, 15 July 2014

High-Achieving Activists

Joshua Wong Chi-fung (centre) spoke in Central after the July 1 march
The results of the Diploma of Secondary Education exams were released yesterday and because the media were so interested in how core members of the student-led Scholarism group did, they held a press conference.

"I think it's the first time in Hong Kong that a student has had to announce his exam results in a press conference and I feel uncomfortable," admitted Joshua Wong Chi-fung.

Nevertheless, he didn't have much to hide. He received a level 5 in liberal studies and a level 4 in Chinese, overall meeting the basic standards for university admission requirements.

However he refused to reveal his results for his other four subjects: English, mathematics, economics and business, accounting and financial studies, saying he "is planning to make appeals".

Results for the DSE are graded from levels 1 to 5 with top-scoring students at level 5 receiving a 5**.

Wong and Agnes Chow both performed well academically
Considering Wong has been in the media spotlight for his activism, leading the protests against national education in 2012, he has done academically well.

"On top of study, pupils take part in different extra-curricular activities -- it's just that the one I participate in, which is a social movement, is less popular among students.

"Participating in the movement allows me to get to know more about social issues, which is beneficial for me -- especially in liberal studies.

"I'm satisfied with my performance but, of course there's room for improvement... I failed to obtain 'stars' for liberal studies, which disappointed me," he said.

Wong denied rumours that he had received conditional offers from local universities.

"... I have no plan to study abroad. I really love Hong Kong and I like living here," he added.

A fellow Scholarism activist Agnes Chow Ting did well too -- a level 5* in English, a level 4 in Chinese, mathematics, liberal studies, geography and history.

"Academic performance is about how you manage your time," Chow said. "I tried my best to balance my time between the social movement and study, as they are the most important things for me."

This is proof that Wong and Chow are not just rabble rousers. They are intelligent and want to passionately defend their city in their own way.

Who says these kids are "provoking quarrels and making trouble"?

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