Friday, 30 January 2015

Hong Kong is Beijing's "Core Interest"

Beijing reminds Washington not to meddle in Hong Kong affairs...
Hong Kong is now getting even more attention from Beijing because it is deemed one of China's "core interests".

Many believe this is Beijing's way of warning Washington not to meddle in what the mainland believes is its own internal affairs.

The reference was made in a military-to-military meeting in the Chinese capital on Tuesday between PLA deputy chief of general staff Sun Jianguo and US undersecretary of defense for intelligence Michael Vickers, the PLA Daily reported.

"The US should earnestly respect China's core interests and key concerns," Sun was quoted as saying.

His words are a veiled reference to the belief that the US plays a role in Hong Kong politics, in particular last year's protests.

"Sun is telling the US to calm down and not to have any illusions about using Hong Kong to stir things up," explained retired PLA major general Xu Guangyu.

Peking University international relations professor Jia Qingguo added, "Any attempts to demand independence is an act to split the nation. Beijing will not allow it, and is asking the US not to be involved."

But where is the evidence to prove this? How did the US participate in, and in particular influence the Umbrella Movement?

No one has come forward with any kind of credible proof, and yet this theory continues to be believed.

However, all China is doing, according to Albert Ho Chun-yan, former chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, is making Hong Kong more alienated from the mainland and feeling closer to Britain and America in terms of core values. "This will only create more trouble," he warned.

China's insecure needs to spell out its territory makes many Hong Kong people feel even more uneasy about the mainland and its plans for the city.

And stressing that Hong Kong is a "core interest" heightens fears that there will be greater "mainlandization" of the city, something that will be resisted at all costs.


  1. Out of curiosity, are Tibet and Xinjiang also "core interests"? And yes, I agree with Albert Ho. The more Beijing insists this about Hong Kong, the more it makes many Hong Kongers steer further away from Beijing!

    1. YTSL -- Anything China feels is being "threatened" is turned into a "core interest"... it's an umbrella word for "It's mine and I can do whatever I want with it!"

  2. General Sun should shut his * up, tell his CCP friends to stay out of US internal affairs first...

    So China feels the entire Asia, South and East China Sea is China's "core interest" too...

    to add to Ms. Harbour, "it is mine and everything in this area is mine too, so I can do whatever I want with it!"