Saturday, 10 January 2015

Picture of the Day: Sunset in K-Town

Looking at the sunset from Victoria Road
These last few days I've been fighting a cold thanks to sitting next to a mainland girl on the plane who was about four years old and coughing at my face at times... I was regretting not bringing a mask with me and now am paying for it.

However I do wonder how effective a mask is in blocking viruses from a coughing, phlegmy kid sitting next to you who is not instructed by her mother to cover her mouth...

A small crowd of people with cameras waiting for sunset
In any event I tried to rest today, but after a prolonged nap it was 5pm and I felt like going out for a stroll. I headed up Victoria Road in Kennedy Town, thinking I would go find the scenic spot I'd discovered back in April.

It turns out I didn't walk up Victoria Road far enough, but instead found another place where young couples like to go for cheap dates.

I followed a group of them down the stairs with the bright green railing to a hut where a man lived -- he was running his washing machine -- but nearby was a dock and many people were standing around.

One more picture of the sun setting by the water
I'd just come around 5.20pm when the sun was starting to set and it was either young couples or amateur photographers there ready to wait for the giant fiery orb the sink into the ocean.

Today was a bit hazy, but that's when you get the brilliant colours of the sunset... thanks to air pollution!


  1. Across the river from the campus of my undergraduate college was a Frito-Lay factory that manufactured Cheetos. Because of it, we sometimes got the foul-smelling "cheeze breeze" and also pollution to which we ascribed the town having some really beautiful sunsets. (Not so sure about the sunrises as I hardly ever was awake when that took place!)

    1. Hi YTSL -- Does this mean you can't stand Cheetos???

    2. I didn't eat it while I was in Wisconsin -- but I sure did eat a lot of cheese and dairy products during my undergraduate years! Have since eaten Cheetos but am not a super big fan...

    3. Is it because of the smell or the taste?!