Thursday, 9 April 2015

Beijing Calling Baymax

Some telephone booths painted to look like the inflated robot Baymax
We love this story from Beijing, where more than 30 public telephone booths in the Chinese capital were painted to look like Baymax, the inflatable healthcare robot from the hit animated film Big Hero 6, which is very popular in China.

The booths in Haidian district, in the northwest side of the city, have been repainted white with the robot's signature black eyes.

The makeover was done by eight young people as a way to remind people not to lose touch with their families and friends.

One of the painters surnamed Jiang, told the Beijing Times, that the group painted the booths in the early hours of last Sunday.

Animated movie Big Hero 6 is a hit in China
He said before mobile phones, people used public telephones to contact their loved ones. However, most phone booths were worn down, seldom used and covered in dust and advertising stickers.

"We cleaned and beautified them at the same time," Jiang said. "We used the motif of Baymax, who's such a warm character to remind the public to stay in touch with those they care about.

"We also felt that Ching Ming was the best time to remind everyone to show more care for their loved ones, so we won't regret failing to stay in touch after they leave us."

However China Unicom, which owns the booths, is not pleased with the makeover and says the refurbishment is not allowed and will restore the booths to their original colour.

Talk about deflating an opportunity to ring in more business...

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