Monday, 20 April 2015

Rant of the Day: Weather Reports

It was overcast with a brief bout of showers -- but that was on Saturday night
Last week and up until today, the Hong Kong Observatory warned that today would bring thunderstorms.

I checked the website again today and it said there would be "thunderstorms later"... whatever "later" means.

Determined not to be caught in a rainstorm -- it's not fun being completely soaked -- I armed myself with a big umbrella, and an old pair of shoes I didn't mind getting wet.

However, all day the rain did not come and I lugged the umbrella around all afternoon.

Then this evening around 7.35pm the Hong Kong Observatory issued a thunderstorm warning from then until around 9.30pm. But not even an hour later the warning was cancelled. So I schlepped home carrying this big umbrella and not opening it once!

What is going on? There was not even a polite explanation of why the situation had changed.

Tomorrow the forecast is 95 percent rain... we shall see about that...

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