Sunday, 26 April 2015

Picture of the Day: Cheap and Cheerful

These flowers looked beautiful and smelled nice too!
As I was rushing to the MTR in Central yesterday, there was an old man sitting on a folding chair at one of the station's entrances.

Apparently he was a regular, as one woman greeted him and asked what flowers he had to sell.

They weren't the small white flowers that are very fragrant, and some taxi drivers used to put in their vehicles to act as natural air freshners, but were in fact gardenias.

He was selling them for HK$35 ($4.50) for a small bouquet, and two other women and I bought a bunch each.

They really have a strong perfume scent, but hardly overpowering. However, I have no idea how to look after them, as they were obviously cut from a bush due to their thin woody-like stems, and not really meant to be flowers to be kept indoors.

Today they already look withered, but at least their floral aroma still lingers...