Sunday, 5 April 2015

Really Fried Chicken

Jack's fried chicken and fries on the table covered with newspaper!
There are lots of eateries popping up in Kennedy Town and on Friday night I decided to try one of the latest additions, a small -- nay -- closet-sized shop called Jack's Fried Chicken on Catchick Street.

There was one South Asian guy running the entire show on his own, probably because there is no room for another staff member. He apologized that he twisted his ankle so he was limping around, and he had cut his finger that was bandaged up. Not exactly a good sign!

Then the menu is pretty limited and expensive too. It's just fried chicken with fries and a drink! When I tried to order #3 -- dark meat of two thighs, fries and a drink, he told me it was their best seller, probably because it was at HK$80.

He suggested I try the boneless thighs, but I told him I like to chew on bones so he suggested something off the menu -- six wings for HK$100 with fries and a drink. A bit steep, but I was determined to try it and put down the order. He said I'd have to wait about 10 minutes and so I did a few errands before returning.

When I came back there was a big group of male Muslim students who asked if the chicken was halal and he said yes. Interesting to know! Then they wanted the student discount and he made them all show him their student ID cards, which they duly did.

My chicken wings were in the fryer for a while which was kind of scary to see, but eventually he took them out, put them in a cardboard box container, another one filled with fries and asked me what drink I would like (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke).

When I said Coke, he said, "When people ask for Diet Coke, I want to tell them, but you're eating deep-fried chicken!" Funny he should say that...

He put everything in a giant plastic bag and I took it home.

The end result? The oil is either of low quality or not a high enough temperature. The chicken was put in a batter, then dusted with flour before they were put in the fryer, and the batter was a thick coating that mean taking a big chomp out the chicken before reaching the meat, which thankfully was very juicy.

Meanwhile the fries were OK, seasoned with spices and herbs, and were like McDonald's fries. They were way better than then ones at Big Fernand, a French burger place in IFC that were so soggy and brown!

In any event, I can just say I've done Jack's Fried Chicken and can move on to the next place in K-Town...

Jack's Fried Chicken
G/F, 78-86 Catchick Street
Kennedy Town
2755 5547

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