Sunday, 27 September 2015

Picture of the Day: Mid-Autumn Festival

Several white rabbits around a bouquet of flowers and Chang-e on the right
Two days ago we had blue skies and it was very hot. I took a fantastic picture of the sunset while waiting for the Star Ferry to take me across to Central from Tsim Sha Tsui.

Then on Saturday we had thunder and rain, though not the Amber rainstorm warning the Hong Kong Observatory had put up but had to cancel soon after.

There was a festive atmosphere at Belcher Bay Park
So today the hopes of having clear skies to see the full moon for Mid-Autumn Festival today were dashed with overcast skies, though no rain.

I had hopes of going for a swim this evening under a full moon at the Kennedy Town Swimming Pool didn't happen, but for once it was wonderful to have the pool practically empty because most people were out having dinner or too full to swim.

Next door at Belcher Bay Park, it was festively decorated with coloured lanterns strung along and even spot lights shining on certain areas that practically made it like daylight.

A good number of the neighbourhood residents were hanging out on the grass picnic style, and kids carrying lanterns ranging from traditional paper ones to plastic blown up ones of minions and cartoon characters, or even neon lit coloured bands. Other families wandered around the park as if taking an evening stroll after a big family dinner complete with mooncakes.

Children brought their lanterns to play with in the park
There was also a large lantern display featuring several white rabbits prancing around a basket of flowers and Chang-e standing by the side.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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