Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Starting Early in the Rat Race

Parents must jump through lots of hoops to get their child into a good school
A colleague told me today that she's been busy every evening filling out application forms for her daughter to get into Primary 1, or Grade 1. She's finished 10 so far.

She not only has to complete forms asking for basic information, but also put together her daughter's portfolio that includes certificates and awards she has amassed in her entire five years of life.

Even more bizarre is that some schools ask the parents to answer questions too. Why do you think your child is suited to attend our school? What do you say? It's like answering a job application -- you have to research the school in order to be able to give a decent reply.

She joked that perhaps they were tricking the parents into answering the question to test them and not really the child.
Some youngsters on the first day of school last week

Then I suggested perhaps next they'll come and inspect your house to make sure your house is in order, or check out the food you're feeding your daughter, and that you're not harming her.

The hoops anxious parents have to jump through in order for their child to get a decent education is really getting out of hand.

Until the government steps in to regulate the situation, these schools are going to keep piling on the requirements -- and do they really need to go through all of that effort and stress? Just seems like too much, and yet this is about your child's future.

If you want to increase their chances of having a good education and hence better job prospects, they have to start off in a good school first -- as young as possible. And then they keep studying and studying and studying until they graduate from university.

Whatever happened to just being a kid?

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