Sunday, 7 February 2016

Last Day of the Sheep

Beautiful Japanese orchids for sale at Victoria Park
On Chinese New Year Eve, we did the customary cleaning out the flat, stocked up on food, and headed to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.

Lots of orchids for sale, by the boatloads...
It wasn't particularly packed, but what was most annoying was that the sun was shining overhead with no shade and we were overdressed, leading to patience wearing thin.

We didn't go through the entire fair, but had a decent taste of it. Ever heard of a rice cooker where you can also make cakes and souffle in it? HKTV even had a stall selling various goods including DVDs of its popular series Election for HK$100.

Afterwards as we headed to the MTR station behind Sogo, which is also where Causeway Bay Book Store is. In front of it was a man doing his own artistic protest. He dipped his hand into soapy water and shampooed his hair, then took a handful of suds and placed them carefully on the ground, creating a kind of bubbly white trail.

An artistic protest about missing booksellers with shampoo
It was meant to make fun of pro-government lawmaker Ng Leung-sing, who in early January said in the Legislative Council that the five missing booksellers had gone to the mainland to have fun with prostitutes.

This was the young man's way of keeping the story alive, and getting an audience of curious onlookers.

Meanwhile off to the side, an artist was painting the entrance to the bookstore (it's actually a stairwell), and the shops next to it, while also recording the performance artist on his smartphone.

An artist painting the scene at the bookshop
It's a strange way to mark the end of the Year of the Sheep, but who knows how mischievous the Year of the Monkey will be. Things don't look too promising for the five. We can only continue to shed a spotlight on them to remind people of their plight...

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