Sunday, 11 September 2016

Back on the Streets, Back to the Fight

Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Derek Lam stand near the Kennedy Town MTR
Just before 6pm today I headed out to the gym for a swim when I saw campaign banners of Nathan Law Kwun-chung's face and heard his voice on a not very loud speaker thanking residents in Kennedy Town for voting for him.

It was a nice gesture for him to come out, and a few people shook his hand and wished him well. He was there along with Joshua Wong Chi-fung, and Derek Lam Shun-hin, holding signs thanking people. At the MTR station there were more Demosisto supporters, holding the same sign and bowing as people went past.

As Kennedy Town is a pro-Beijing stronghold, grannies walking by must have been miffed that a 23-year-old had been elected into the Legislative Council last weekend!

Although Law and Wong are thanking supporters, their deputy general secretary Agnes Chow Ting is annoyed that the application for Demosisto at the Companies Registry is still being held up almost six months later without any explanation.

As a result the political party cannot accept donations and instead have to use personal bank accounts which is not very professional, but they have no choice for now.

Their solicitor Daniel Wong says, "The Companies Registry cannot just keep the matter in abeyance forever. If they think Demosisto is not registrable, tell them! At least they can seek an appeal or appropriate relief under the Companies Ordinance.

"Avoiding giving them an answer is the most shameful way of dealing with the matter," he says, adding that the six-month deliberation was "far beyond" the accepted norm, which is usually one month.

In late July, the registry asked Demosisto to explain if it was adhering to the Basic Law by pushing for Hong Kong's "self-determination".

Wong blasted their inquiries at the time as unreasonable as he believed that political views should not be a factor in registering a company. He has also had problems opening a bank account too.

But now that Law has been elected as a bona fide lawmaker, surely these government departments and banks cannot hold things up any longer?

Or is someone else giving them direction on who should and shouldn't be approved?

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