Saturday, 12 August 2017

Traditional HK Desserts

Clockwise from top left: Almond cream, steamed egg, black sesame, walnut
Tonight my relatives and I had dinner in Sai Ying Pun and then we walked over to Centre Street for some Chinese desserts at Yuen Kee Dessert.

It's a small shop, about the size of typical noodle establishments, and at 9.30pm was still busy with customers.

We managed to get a table for the four of us and had to quickly peruse the menu, as the waiter was already hovering over us with his pen and pad at the ready.

Finally we decided, made our orders and within minutes our desserts arrived.

Our absolute favourite has to be the signature steamed egg. It had the consistency of tofu, silky smooth, and a light custard flavour that wasn't sweet at all, nor savoury.

Second is the almond cream, full of flavour and even better with lotus seeds that have been simmering for a while so they were soft and added more texture and taste to the dessert.

We also liked the ground walnut soup, with its slightly roasted smell, and the walnuts weren't ground too finely, so it had a nice grainy texture.

The black sesame soup is supposed to be quite well known here, but we only thought it was so-so, very thick thanks to lots of corn starch, which meant it didn't have as much of the nutty black sesame flavour.

Another dessert we tried was the green bean soup which was thinned out, while the signature steamed sponge cake was nothing spectacular -- in fact it was rather bland and not that fluffy. Maybe it would have been better straight out of the steamer.

The total bill came to HK$158. It was a nice sampling of desserts, but we know for sure what to order next time!

Yuen Kee Dessert
G/F, 32 Centre Street
Sai Ying Pun
2548 8687

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