Tuesday, 15 August 2017

RTHK Changes Channels

RTHK cuts the 24-hour transmission of BBC World Service to eight hours
Ah Hong Kong is sliding further into mainlandization with Radio Television Hong Kong announcing it will drop the 24-hour transmission of BBC World Service that has been broadcasting for almost 40 years and replace it with Chinese state radio.

The change will happen in a few weeks' time in early September, which an RTHK spokesperson said was to "enhance the cultural exchange between the mainland and Hong Kong".

How nice, considering China National Radio, known as Central People's Radio in Chinese, will be in Putonghua, not Cantonese. Guess that's part of the "cultural exchange".

From September, the BBC can be heard overnight 11pm-7am
But before you get out your pitchforks, not all is lost -- BBC World Service will continue to be broadcast from 11pm to 7am, which means having to become a night owl listener.

Demosisto's Joshua Wong Chi-fung says he has listened to BBC World Service since high school "because our teacher always told us to learn English from the BBC," he said.

However he cited other reasons for the change.

"This just proves how political consideration and Chinese forces are eroding press freedom [in Hong Kong]," Wong said.

But RTHK retorted that the Chinese broadcast was made for the city.

"This channel is tailor made for RTHK when we first introduced digital audio broadcasting, and it can enhance the cultural exchange between the mainland and Hong Kong," said Amen Ng, head of corporate communications at RTHK.

Wonder how many people will listen to China National Radio...

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