Friday, 1 June 2018

A Taste of Xinjiang in Tin Hau

Skewers with lamb chops marinated in lots of cumin
A few months ago I read about a Xinjiang restaurant in Tin Hau and finally got a chance to try it out tonight with two other friends.

It's called Tin Saan, as in "sky mountain" and it's closer to Fortress Hill than Tin Hau MTR station.

Braised lamb chops with vegetables and bread
Inside it's bright and cheery, but a bit odd there is no Uyghur music playing in the background, but muzak. Nevertheless the food makes up for the sterile atmosphere.

We perused the menu, and the owner was helpful in giving us some guidance. The lamb pockets -- minced lamb mixed with leek into a patty and encased in a pastry that was deep-fried was fantastic.

Traditional skewers of grilled lamb marinated in chilli and ground cumin were also delicious. We liked the long metal (and reusable) skewers. They came in orders of four and we had eight in total.

Braised lamb also looked interesting. Chunks of lamb ribs were presented in a large bowl with a soupy sauce mixed with tomato, carrots, peppers. Around the edge were deep-fried round breads that were sliced in half, soaking up the delicious sauce.

Thin potato strips stir-fried with chillis
For some relief from the lamb we had cucumber marinated in vinegar and chilli with lots of garlic, and thin strips of potato blanched and then stir-fried with fresh chillis. The potato strips weren't thin enough, nor were they marinated in a wet sauce.Nevertheless they still were delicious, and it was all washed down with three large bottles of Tsing Tao.

In the end the bill came to HK$777 for three.

Tin Saan
G/F, Hoi Sun Building
12 Mercury Street
Tin Hau
2805 6130


  1. Sounds good! Guess I should give the place a try... BTW, I used to live in Jupiter Street. I'd be interested to hear the story of how it and Mercury Street got their names... ;b

    1. You'll need a few people to go with you... or order the lamb with noodles in soup.