Saturday, 30 June 2018

Who is the Prick Leaving Needles on Buses?

Who is leaving needles like this on bus seats in Hong Kong?
The ongoing news reports of passengers finding needles on bus seats is terrifying to say the least.

So far five needles have been found in the last four days, with no rhyme or reason, except they have all been found on buses run by KMB or Kowloon Motor Bus.

It seems only KMB buses have had these needles so far...
Four people have been injured from sitting on the needles, but thankfully so far the needles haven't been laced with anything nefarious. It's just frightening to think that one could possibly be sitting on a needle.

More importantly who has been doing this crazy act and why?

While KMB has asked staff to check seats before they leave the bus terminus, the company has also asked passengers to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

What's strange is that KMB claims its buses have video surveillance but has yet to release the footage or comment on it. Are the buses really recording what's going on?

More questions than answers...

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