Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Hong Kong Shocked by Shooting

The 44-year-old suspect being led away by police in Quarry Bay
Hong Kong got a big shock this afternoon when a woman shot four seniors in Quarry Bay Park on the east side of Hong Kong Island.

One woman died after being shot in the head, one man is in a coma from a shot in the back of his head, and the other two sustained minor injuries after being shot in the shoulder and hand.

It turns out all five people were related -- the seniors, ranging in ages from 60 to 80, were aunts and uncles to the assailant, a 44-year-old security guard.

Police search for spent cartridges in the park
She arranged to meet them in the park to settle a dispute over her grandmother's inheritance, the oldest of the siblings, who had passed away.

However, when the meeting broke up with no agreement, the seniors were getting ready to leave and that's when the woman pulled out a semi-automatic Beretta 950 handgun and shot the four people at close range before calmly walking away.

Officers from the Counter Terrorism Response Unit were on patrol nearby and rushed over to the scene and arrested the woman, who was still carrying the gun and 40 rounds of ammunition.

It is believed she fired four shots.

According to the chief inspector, the suspect was calm when arrested and did not have mental issues, but he didn't say if she had a criminal record.

The handgun was found on the suspect when she was arrested
While police have stated this is not a "random shooting", it still has shocked people in Hong Kong. Shootings are very rare and if they occur they happen around robberies.

There will be questions in the coming days of this woman's access to a weapon and 40 rounds of ammunition which seems like a lot. Hopefully this is an isolated incident. Hong Kong is considered a very safe place and this shooting has jolted many of us into wondering what is going on.

This case will eventually wind its way through the justice system and we will find out why this tragic incident happened. We already have a good idea -- it's money-related...

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