Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Busload of Stuff

If you lose something on Kowloon Motor Bus, you're not alone

People in Hong Kong sure lose a lot of stuff on the bus.
Kowloon Motor Bus reports almost 70,000 items were left behind on its buses from July 2010 until June this year, up 9 percent from the year before.
A lot of cash was lost -- HK$2 million ($256,567) worth, though 90 percent was recovered. What's interesting is that those who lose ordinary mobile phones didn't bother reclaiming them.
"Perhaps now people just [want] smartphones," said Francis Lam Sai-shu, principal operations officer at KMB. Of the 5,400 mobile phones lost, only two-thirds were recovered by their owners, a drop of 2 percent from before.
On the other hand, lots of smartphones are left behind on the buses, even iPhone4s.
Octopus cards were the most commonly lost items, more than 8,600 cards, and only 63 percent were claimed back by owners. Other items include Hong Kong identity cards, jewellery, wigs, Chinese opera costumes and violins. "Some of these lost items are nicely packed and fancy," Lam said.
Bigger items include baby strollers, luggage and guitars.

How can someone lose their luggage on the bus? Or a violin, unless it's a kid who doesn't want to take lessons anymore.
So there still is hope if you left something on the bus. You've got three months to claim it.

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