Monday, 22 August 2011

Retro Calling

Richard on the phone in the MTR station
When I saw my good friend Richard for lunch yesterday there was something curious hanging around his waist.
It was an old school telephone -- just the phone handset complete with the coiled wire which was attached to his Blackberry.
After we had a good laugh about it he explained it was to cut down on the amount of radiation going to his head, which is a great idea.

It's also interesting to see something retro made cool again.
Another friend saw Richard's handset and decided to buy one too. So we after our dim sum lunch we went to City Super to get it and it costs HK$239 ($30.64). There are the standard black ones, but also in gold for the bling-bling set, one that says "he said, she said", and others with colourful cartoon graphics.
It can be attached to Blackberries, iPhones, you name it.
Then as we walked through the MTR station to transfer to another line, Richard's phone rang.
Getting the attention of fellow commuters
So he walked to the MTR train with his handset in hand and he got many looks from confused commuters, may of which were young and have never seen an old school phone before.
After he finished his phone call Richard explained the best part about the handset was that on the MTR he could hear the other person on the line so clearly because there was no outside noise, or very little. He could also talk in a normal voice and not have to shout either.
So if you see a guy with a handset around his waist walking the streets of Hong Kong, you know who that is.

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