Monday, 15 August 2011

More Antics on TVB

Guess who's a man dressed as a woman in this TVB show

Sunday night viewing on the Chinese channel of TVB continues to push the boundaries where sexuality is concerned.
A lot of cross dressing has been going on in the last few weeks and last night was a new concept for me.
A show called "Chok Chok Chok" (變身男女) has three contestants dressed up as women and six celebrities and the studio audience have to guess which one is a man.
The contestants are all covered in makeup, and wear strange outfits so it's hard to tell other than their legs and movements if they are of the male species.
The "women" came out one at a time, first having a question-and-answer session with the celebrities. However when they gave their replies, the voices of the "women" were masked with a high-pitched computer voice so it was hard to tell what they really sounded like.
This part was probably the most hilarious as the "women" flirted with the celebrities, both women and male. "Are your breasts real?" asked one female judge.
"You can touch them if you want," one replied with a wicked smile.
"What do your parents call you? Boy or Girl?" asked another.
"They call me Jenny," another answered.
When the question section was over, the "woman" got up and walked around the stage in heels and then got into a pair of flats and started dancing a routine for a few minutes.
Afterwards the celebrities were asked if they thought the "woman" was one, and the hosts also solicited members of the audience for their thoughts. The audience was also asked to vote with their feet and if they thought "woman A" was a man, then they should sit in the spot designated as "A", and the rest sit either in sections B or C.
It was really hardly to tell who was a man and who was a woman -- one seemed to walk like a man, another had a long nose for a woman.
The male celebrities even had a chance to awkwardly hug each of the "women" for a better idea of how they felt physically -- with one relatively good-looking one making each one stare into his eyes which was quite funny.
But in the end it was the one who looked particularly feminine who was a man -- from Shenzhen. Without makeup he was a young man in glasses, but seems very keen on being a woman as he had dancer-like movements. He had a bob-cut wig, face heavily made up with a small button nose.
The other "women" who really were women were not attractive at all, but thanks to the hair stylists and make up artists they did look similar to the young man all made up.
One wonders how long this gimmicky TV show can continue. Surely this will soon be old hat, or is it a way to educate young people on the art of cross dressing or the finer points of deceiving others? 

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  1. lots of room for improvement of hong kong t.v.