Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sinking to New Depths

Hong Kong's TVB channel is still desperate for a hit show and has now resorted to having men dress up as women in a silly comedy over the summer.
Broadcast on Sunday evenings, the show's format is a variety show, with a series of skits and concert performances in front of a live audience. In the skits, three men dress up as teenage female students who are pining over one of their attractive male teachers. Dressed in school uniforms and wearing wigs, they each recall their encounter with him to prove his interest in them individually.
However he later reveals to them that he's married and has a daughter and the trio feel like they've been duped. If only the teacher knew the reality of the situation.
And in the performances recorded live, they dress up as female signers and try to emulate them, including Paula Tsui Siu-fung with her giant hoop skirt dresses and even Lady Gaga complete with lights shining from her chest and nether regions.
Meanwhile the audience love their attempts at being garish, real or hilarious -- I can't decide.
What is going on? Do Hong Kong people have a fetish for men dressing up as women?
While it may be comedic once or twice, it's hardly funny when the gag is repeated over and over.
I feel sorry for the actors who need to dress up in these bizarre outfits, wear way too much make up and high heels in the hopes of garnering more fans.
But as a relative pointed out to me, it's just another sign of TVB's desperation to get anyone out there willing to make a fool out of themselves for money.
The talent pool is getting smaller and smaller in Hong Kong. Maybe it's something in the water?

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