Friday, 21 October 2011

A Brief Tragic Life

In the past week we have been watching the drama of a two-year-old girl clinging to life after being run over -- twice -- in Foshan, Guangdong.

Her little body could not cope anymore and died today.
Last Thursday she was chasing after her brother when she ran out of her parents' shop in an alley and into the busy street.
At first she was struck by a mini van that stopped, drove over her again then drove off. Then many people walked by as she lay on the road before she was hit again by another truck whose driver apparently did not see her. It was a female rubbish collector who was found her and called for help.
The doctor who is head of intensive care oat Guangzhou Military District General Hospital Dr Su Lei said Thursday Wang Yue, whose nickname is Yueyue was near brain death because there has been no brain activity since she was admitted.
Yueyue was on a life-support machine and suffered multiple organ failure since Wednesday.
The incident has sparked outrage and soul searching in China -- how could at least 18 people not stop to do anything for a child run over on the street?
Part of the problem is that people worry about getting into trouble when helping others. There have been cases in the Chinese courts where the rescuer has been sued by the victim for being mishandled and causing further injuries. 
The other is a cultural issue of not wanting to get involved in others people's situations. Others even blamed the parents for not watching their child more closely.
There is an obvious lack of social morality since the Communist Party took power over 60 years ago. In the last few years the government floated the possibility of reviving Confucianism, the very philosophy it sought to destroy, but nothing on a national scale was initiated. In fact a statue of Confucius that was placed near Tiananmen Square was mysteriously moved one night to a less prominent place. 
And then Beijing feels uncomfortable about openly endorsing religions because they promote the concept of a higher being, other than the Communist Party.
Would the government please stop this feeling of insecurity and start educating its people about treating their fellow citizens with respect? It would probably put an end to these horrible incidents we keep hearing about and maybe even fulfill President Hu Jintao's vision of a "harmonious society". 

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  1. the chinese got their money but lost their soul. the government have set bad examples in respecting the truth and lost trust with the people. it is sad. it will take one or two generations to reeducate them.