Sunday, 2 October 2011

Word of the Day: Ham Sup Lo

Hong Kong has a lot of ham sup lo (咸湿佬). Ham sup lo means men who are perverted or having their minds in the gutter -- all the time.

The city also has a lot of naive girls who don't have much sex education to protect themselves from these ham sup men.

The latest case? A self-styled feng shui master was found guilty Friday for tricking his girlfriend's 15-year-old sister into having sex to dispel evil spirits and then convinced her that the "ritual" had to continue for the next five years.

Yuen Yuk-kin, 43, told his victim who was below the legal age of consent that the fever she had for two weeks was because of her boyfriend infecting her with undesirable spirits during sex.

He said the only way to get rid of these spirits was to have sex again -- but with him.

The fever then went away and the girl started believing Yuen had magical powers.

He then convinced the girl, with whom he'd been dating her sister for three years that the sexual "ritual" had to continue otherwise she would contract cancer before the age of 30.

Yuen began having sex with her everyday in 2004 and then this gradually became weekly until last year when the girl finally thought it was suspicious that he needed more time to "cure" her.

Then when he tried to end the "rituals", he threatened to break up with her sister but warned this might lead to the elder sister's death because she was fragile and could commit suicide.

The judge said Yuen exploited the girl's fears for her family's well being.

What kind of hocus pocus garbage is this? How can men get away with telling such ludicrous stories? And it took her six years to figure out what he was doing was wrong?

Yuen is not the only one -- there have been many other similar cases over the years.

What I don't understand is why these girls haven't had any proper sex education. What are they learning in school? And why do they think a feng shui master can cure them by having sex with them?

Are girls that gullible? Very much so it seems.

In a city like Hong Kong where literacy rates are in the 90 percentile especially among young people, you'd think their critical thinking skills would be on the alert for scams and this one is completely outrageous.

Perhaps the sex ed teacher did not go over the section entitled "beware of ham sup lo pretending to be feng shui masters to get into your pants".