Sunday, 9 October 2011

Making a Statement

Hu Jintao is centre left, while Jiang Zemin stands at centre right
This morning as I was eating dim sum in a restaurant with relatives there was a news report on the television screens and the major story was about former President Jiang Zemin. There was so much footage of him and I couldn't see or hear what the story was so at first I thought he had died.

But later in the afternoon I saw another hourly news report that explained it was the first time Jiang had made a public appearance since Hong Kong TV station ATV falsely reported he died in July.

He was at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the October 10, 1911 Xinhai Revolution in the Great Hall of the People, coming out after President Hu Jintao. They stood in front of a giant portrait of Dr Sun Yat-sen flanked by red flags and the years "1911" on the left and "2011" on the right.

The 85-year-old Jiang was aided by an assistant and he gripped the back of chairs for extra support. While he was physically weak he still had his portly figure so he's still eating well.

Hu and Jiang sat together and after the current president made a speech and went back to his seat, Jiang smiled and shook hands with him perhaps as a sign that there are no conflicts between them.

But maybe it also shows the former president is still well enough to meddle with Hu's agenda in the background...

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  1. glad to see the old guard still alive and fairly well. after all he is a formidable figure to be recognized with.