Saturday, 29 October 2011

Picture of the Day: Aaron Kwok

Is he or isn't he?

For a long time we've been wondering if Cantopop star Aaron Kwok Fu-sing is gay or not.

But he has a steady girlfriend, Lynn Xiong Dailing, and finally officially presented her to friends after years of fearing reprisals from devoted fans.

He hasn't said much about marriage, only that he hopes to marry before turning 50.

However, you have to wonder again what his leanings are with this latest poster promoting his upcoming concert from December 27-31 at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In it the 46-year-old is wearing a whimsical pink crown complete with jewels that look like coloured eggs and then a number of necklaces around his neck that look like plastic baubles little girls would play with.

Even better his concert's title is: "Aaron Kwok de showy masquerade world tour live in concert 2011".

Any guesses?


  1. it's hard to say, but if we judged by costume alone, all asian male stars (esp from hk) would be on the suspect list

  2. just a plot to spoil the image of this fine singer, actor and racer. i don't believe he is gay.