Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fickle Parisian Weather

Blue skies at the Arc de Triomphe
The weather in Paris is so... unpredictable.

The temperature hovers around the mid-20s and the weather report says there could be showers.

How could that be when there are blue skies in the morning?

This is what happened on my second full day in Paris.

One of many who were completely soaked by the rain
At the Arc de Triomphe and down Champs Elysees, the skies were a brilliant blue and the odd wisp of cloud as if painted by Claude Monet.

But later in the afternoon after I'd finished walking along Boulevard Haussman and checked out Au Printemps and Galeries LaFayette, the grey clouds came out of nowhere and unleashed a torrential rain.

I had just emerged from Uniqlo (more expensive than Hong Kong) which recently opened to see it was pouring rain and whipped out my umbrella wondering if I should wait or continue walking.

As I stood around, I saw unfortunately souls who were completely soaked to the bone. This is a reminder not to wear light coloured clothes when it pours.

A rainbow appears by early evening
The water ran everywhere; the sewer system seemed almost non existent or could not cope with the sudden downpour.

But then after about 15 minutes, the torrent soon became light showers and then eventually gone.

The rest of the day was fantastic -- and included this pretty rainbow.

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