Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pictures of the Day: Mid-Autumn Festival

A hot pot lantern with a tiny but round moon in the distance!
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!

The weather in Hong Kong has cooled in the last few days and with Mid-Autumn Festival here, the drop in humidity with some wind have been very welcome.

A reflection of the water bottle dome lit with LED lights
For today, companies must let their employees off early so that they can have the traditional dinner with their families and eat mooncakes.

So YTSL and I took the opportunity to have an early dinner and then head to Victoria Park where the main Mid-Autumn Festival event on Hong Kong Island is held for the public.

Inside was like a curtain creatively lit by water bottle lights
We arrived from Tin Hau station and immediately saw a giant dome made of plastic water containers lit with LED lights and got into the massive lineup. Luckily it went quite quickly -- just over half an hour, walking through the snaking queue until we got into the dome.

A traditional puppet show that's now mechanized
The shell itself is made of those giant water cooler containers and then inside there's thousands of water bottles also with small LED lights in them. They were like a curtain of water bottles which makes for an interesting low-cost design. Apparently the water bottles will be recycled after this event is over.

After our short tour of the dome we wandered around a bit -- or more like waded through a sea of people, everyone constantly taking pictures everywhere, making it hard to dodge and move.

There was a row of stands with businesses selling everything from drinks to cotton candy, dried squid, and even cha chaan teng chain restaurant Tsui Wah selling toast and its signature milk tea in a bottle.

One of the better-looking lanterns on display
We also saw some traditional crafts, including puppets, but these were automated.

However we weren't very impressed with the lantern selection this year. It seemed like the theme was food, and so there was a giant hot pot, a bamboo steamer with dim sum in it, a massive skewer with fish balls on it, and egg waffles too. Yawn Lame.

After that we were pretty much wiped out from having to deal with the crowds. You can only take so much before you just want to go home! Nevertheless we were pleased the weather held up nicely, the big round moon poking through the clouds periodically, because Typhoon Usagi may visit us on Sunday...

Fish balls and egg waffles... hmm...


  1. I was wondering which photos you'd use... funny but I think we actually have some variety between our blogs!

    Re the food-themed lanterns: my reaction's more along the lines of "stoo-pid!" than yawn. Besides from the Moon Rising installation, I much prefer the lantern displays I saw at Victoria Park -- and also the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront -- in previous years:-

    1. HI YTSL -- well at least I can say, been there, done that!