Friday, 27 June 2014

Picture of the Day: Brother Cream

Brother Cream is stretched out and lying comfortably for a snooze
Tonight some relatives and I had dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui East and finished quite late.

And when we emerged from the restaurant and walked a block towards the cross harbour bus stop, we saw two giant cats lying on top of some magazines and newspapers.

It was then that I found it the light brown and white one -- the much bigger one of the two -- was Brother Cream!

His full name is Tsim Tung Brother Cream or 尖東忌廉哥. He is a well-known male British Shorthair cat who lives at this convenience store and that it was the owner who posted pictures of him on a Facebook page that resulted in the feline's fast track to fame.

He seems unfazed by all the attention around him!
The media picked up on the fact that he had over 108,000 followers on Facebook last March, and as of this May had over 160,000 likes.

As a result people specifically flocked to the store to see the cat though there were no promises Brother Cream would show up or would be awake for visitors. These days there's several handwritten signs that say "Please Do Not touch the cat" and several minders nearby to watch him.

I didn't know he had a companion, a black and white cat, but anyway both were lying around while us fans gathered round and took pictures of them. They didn't seem to care about these human admirers.

But yes -- Brother Cream is one big cat!

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