Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Style Offensive

Li Keqiang looks on as his wife Cheng Hong shakes hands with the Queen
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, along with his wife Cheng Hong in a lavish-looking drawing room.

Usually only heads of state are given an opportunity to meet the Queen, but the Chinese side pushed for this meeting, threatening the trip would be off if the visit was not granted.

From the pictures it looks like the Queen is thrilled to meet them...

Cheng Hong looks matronly on her arrival in London
Cheng is an English professor at Capital University of Economics and Business, and so she was probably brought along on the trip to add a feminine touch to China's soft power.

However, she could take some fashion tips from China's first lady Peng Liyuan who has proven her ability to charm through her stylish wardrobe.

When Cheng disembarked the plane in London she wore a matronly outfit perfect for highly-strung headmistresses. The same when she met the Queen -- but even more fuddy duddy in an overly-elaborate jacket that was too busy.

We appreciate the simple lines she likes in her suits, but how about more interesting colours?

My friend YTSL must be laughing reading my latest fashion critique, but if China wants to flex its economic muscles as Li is doing in London, surely the chic-ness factor needs to be turned up several notches to be taken seriously as a wealthy superpower with taste?


  1. I didn't laugh out loud but I did chuckle upon reading this post...

    Re Cheng Hong's garb: maybe she was trying to make sure she didn't upstage the often dowdily dressed Queen?

  2. HI YTSL -- I have to say the Queen trumps Cheng Hong here -- at least she's wearing warm pastel colours evocative of a Monet painting whereas Li Keqiang's wife looks stiff and old fashioned!