Saturday, 14 June 2014

Forced to Speak Out

Training against police tactics for Occupy Central. Are they ready?
This morning I went for a long overdue haircut and the first thing my hairdresser asked me was if I was going to take part in Occupy Central.

In the few years I have known him he doesn't talk about politics. When I mentioned one year that I went to Victoria Park for the June 4 candlelight vigil, he said he wasn't into doing things like that.

But perhaps with Beijing's recent release of the white paper claiming it has complete authority over Hong Kong that he is getting worried.

"We have over 30 more years before we are completely under Chinese control and people like my and my parents' generation, we know what it was like before. But the next generation like my daughter, they won't know what changes have happened. The textbooks could even sanitize history for all we know!" he exclaimed.

Occupy Central founder Benny Tai's mantra...
He wouldn't say if he would take part or not, but he seems agitated enough to want to show his displeasure at China -- because we have the freedom to do so.

There are probably many thousands of others who feel the same.

My hairdresser went on about how most of us in Hong Kong are just concerned about making a living, and not about political rights, which he thinks is the job of politicians.

However they don't seem to be getting anywhere, particularly the pan-democrats who are fractured. It was fun at first to have people like Leung Kwok-hung or "Long Hair" shaking things up in Legco, but now some have become so radical that things have gotten way out of hand.

So people here are left to defend themselves and go out on weekend protests.

The question now is: How many will show up July 1?

In the meantime we find it amusing that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang demanded an audience with Queen Elizabeth II when he arrives in Britain next week.

Apparently the Chinese side threatened the trip would not be good if a royal visit was not in the cards.

Wonder what Li is so anxious to talk to the Queen about or is he trying to use this photo opp as a way to show his power and influence? Or bragging rights?

Surely the Queen knows what this is all about, but is gamely going along with it to serve her country which is in financial dire straits.

What if the UK didn't have the Queen in its back pocket to sweeten the deal? Prime Minister David Cameron better thank his lucky stars...

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