Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jackie Chan's Guanxi Put to the Test

Jackie Chan (right) has flown to Beijing to deal with Jacyee's drug charges
Poor Jackie Chan. He's tried so hard to accumulate as much good guanxi as possible with the motherland, even being the unofficial spokesperson for China by sticking up for the Communist regime, much to the chagrin of Hong Kongers.

But news broke that his son Jaycee Chan, 32, was arrested for drug charges along with Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung, 23 last Thursday in Beijing.

Both tested positive for marijuana and admitted using the drug, and 100 grams of weed was found in Chan's home.

Jaycee with actor Ko Chen-tung tested positive for weed
China Central Television broadcast footage of the police searching Jaycee's home, with the actor's face pixelated, showing police where he stashed the marijuana. The police claimed the acted on a tip off from the public.

Chan is accused of accommodating drug users, a charge if convicted can lead to a sentence of up to three years in prison -- a far greater charge than drug consumption, of which Ko is accused of. Two other people detained were accused of selling drugs.

This latest arrest comes as part of an anti-drug crackdown after Chinese President Xi Jinping said in June that illegal drugs must be eradicated and offenders be severely punished.

It seems Chan and Ko were made as examples, as Jackie Chan was named an anti-drug ambassador in 2009 and Ko was part of an anti-drug campaign two years ago.

Earlier today Ko was shown in CCTV tearfully apologizing to his family and fans. "I feel very regretful, very sorry to all the people who supported me... I've been a very bad example, I've made a very big mistake, said the star of You Are the Apple of My Eye.

In the meantime Jackie Chan has flown to Beijing in the hopes of helping his son deal with the drug charges, though it seems Jaycee has admitted guilt.

The older Chan has invested in property, land and the film industry in China, as well as promoted mainland Chinese charities, but it looks like all his good deeds and investments weren't enough to save his kid from such an embarrassing incident.

Which is why we say poor Jackie. All his money and fame aren't going to be enough to wriggle his son out of this well-publicized incident...


  1. Yes, tough one for Jackie Chan, but he surely will do the RIGHT THING -- both as Parent and Citizen.
    1. Son learns: Crime SHOULD be be followed by PUNISHMENT.
    2. No right-thinking Parent would want "all his money & fame" to teach Son to "wriggle out" of wrong-doing.
    3. Would Bible teach differently?
    4. My impression of Jackie Chan is: Upstanding, Incorruptible, Rare... May God be with him, in his hour of need.

    1. HI Anonymous -- We will see if your predictions are correct, but from Chan's past record he hasn't been a good father to start with, for years not even recognizing Jaycee as his son...

  2. I would say it is about time Jackie Chan got his desserts in the form of arrest of his kid...he should do the RIGHT THING and NO INTERFERENCE.
    2) Should set an EXAMPLE and stop sucking up to the Chinese gov't and the Son won't get off for all the bribes and guanxi Jackie Chan does.
    3) Bible or even Buddha (or even karma) teaches you will reapt what you sow in terms of actions and deeds.
    4) My impression of Jackie Chan: false, two-faced, heartless, Corrupt, Low, Pitful P.O.S, Spineless, Treacherous, Absentee Scum of a father (to his daughter)...May God bring on more punishment and damnation to reward Jackie Chan for his previous misdeeds, in his hour of redemption.