Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

A feel-good story about family, food, love and cultural clashes
Last night YTSL and I saw the preview for The Hundred-Foot Journey, a romance produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. Once you see her name attached to a project, you know it's going to be a feel-good movie.

It's about the Kadam family who used to run a successful restaurant in India, with son Hassan possessing culinary talent in his younger years. However, the family faced persecution, resulting in the destruction of their restaurant and the death of his mother.

Papa Kadam battles things out with Madame Mallory (left)
The father, daughter, her husband and two children along with Hassan flee to Europe and chance upon a small town in France. They are befriended by a young woman named Marguerite who introduces them to delicious local food.

Papa Kadam decides the family will set up shop there, buying an old farm house to establish their restaurant, Maison Mumbai.

But it just so happens that it's right across the street -- 100 feet -- from Madame Mallory's one Michelin-starred restaurant -- and Marguerite works as the sous chef there.

Academy Award-winning Helen Mirren plays Madame Mallory, an arrogant, sophisticated and sharp businesswoman who is determined to get her second star, and this instantly creates a rivalry between the two restaurants that at times is hilarious.

A relationship blooms between Marguerite and Hassan
Om Puri, a seasoned Indian actor is Papa Kadam, and he is a great match of wits for Mirren, while, Manish Dayal is a handsome Hassan, who gives the impression of a passionate chef, and Charlotte Le Bon is the amiable Marguerite.

Overall the film is a fun, and at times the dialogue is hilarious. It stretches at 122 minutes -- which drags on at the end and is actually predictable.

But if you love food and watching it being made, The Hundred-Foot Journey's for you. Just be sure to eat beforehand!


  1. I found "The Hundred-Foot Journey" to be an unambitiously feel good foodie movie that's uplifted by the presence of stars such as Helen Mirren and Om Puri. Interesting that in this film, Asian men can appear attractive to Western women -- I guess it helps that they're South Asian rather than East Asian!

    1. HI YTSL -- It dragged on too long and made me wonder when is this ever going to end and yet already knowing what the ending would be...