Monday, 25 August 2014

Picture of the Day: Spreading Half Truths

Have you seen these posters around the city?
The Hong Kong government has put up these posters in bus shelters around the city.

On top of a black and white photograph showing the backs of lots of people marching -- would this be from the July 1 rally? -- it says: "Wanna change? You can have universal suffrage in 2017! Your Vote. Don't cast it away."

In the bottom right corner there are the words: "Let's seize the opportunity to achieve universal suffrage".

We don't dispute this at all -- in fact we are hungering for the opportunity to be able to cast one man, one vote in 2017.

The biggest hurdle is being given the opportunity to nominate who goes on the ballot.

So far Beijing refuses to budge on this issue, insisting all candidates must "love the country" and "love Hong Kong". And now it's saying that nominees must get 50 percent support from the nomination committee.

That means it's a two-horse race, which is basically what we have now.

But pro-democracy activists are talking of getting rid of the nomination committee altogether and some are suggesting that if candidates can get at least 8 percent of support, then they should be able to run for chief executive.

The Chinese government either refuses to see what pro-democracy groups trying to push for, and/or is now pulling the "threats to national security" card.

Either way it's not listening to us.

This week is the start of the National People's Congress Standing Committee meetings that will decide on how Hong Kong will vote for the next CE.

And their decision will determine if Central will be occupied or not.

In the meantime this ad on bus shelters is so misleading and only tells half the story!

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