Saturday, 16 August 2014

The KFC Challenge

Here's the neon sign inside the restaurant. Where's the chicken?!
Earlier this year, the rage for KFC -- Korean Fried Chicken -- ignited in Hong Kong thanks to a Korean drama called My Love from Another Star where the main character loves eating this dish.

The main event! Sweet and chilli sauce, and original
Soon afterwards KFC places sprung up in Hong Kong, particularly in Tsim Sha Tsui. The first place to start the trend was Chicken Hof & Soju Bar on Kimberley Road, followed by wannabes like Fairyland Korean Chicken.

A few months ago, YTSL, her mother and I wanted to check out Chicken Hof & Soju and began to line up -- across the road on a pedestrian island -- only to give up when we saw the line hardly moving and our stomachs growling.

So we headed down the road to Fairyland and thought it would be a shorter wait, which turned out to be about half an hour. While we got to sit on stools inside the restaurant entrance, it was annoying to have to close the door because people didn't bother to slide the door properly to avoid the air conditioning from evaporating into the humid air outside.

When we finally sat down we were ravenous and despite the large portions, we managed to polish off a half portion of spicy and sweet fried chicken, half portion of original flavour and a large bowl of salad.

Noodles on the left with a spicy sauce of snails
The original flavour was dull and dry, which is why we preferred the one with the thick sauce. Overall it was OK, not that impressive, which made us wonder how much better Chicken Hof & Soju would be.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when YTSL came across the second location of Chicken Hof & Soju in between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. We had to go!

And together with another friend with a hankering for KFC we headed over there at 2pm when it supposedly opened, but when we got there at 2.10pm, it still wasn't open, though some staff were waiting around too.

However it was definitely worth the wait. Here we also ordered the half portion of original flavour and half sweet and chilli sauce, but boy were they infinitely better than Fairyland!

The original flavour one was crispy on the outside, hardly oily, and inside was tender and flavourful. The spicy sweet sauce of the other one was pretty intense, so I preferred the former.

We also ordered spicy sauce with snails mixed with noodles. It was interesting making our own ratio of noodles to sauce that featured chives with cucumbers and thick, meaty snail pieces.

Strange Cajun chicken salad...
Perhaps a bit of overkill was the Cajun chicken salad that was hardly Cajun. There weren't just cabbage leaves in the salad, but underneath there were slices of kiwi and apples as well as raisins and cherry tomatoes! Strange combination.

And because this new location still doesn't have a liquor license YTSL ran out to get some beer which perfectly complemented our big chicken feast.

Portions here were smaller than Fairyland, but we were definitely full by the end of it!

In the end the bill came to HK$517 ($66.70) for three and we all had to have a nap afterwards to digest our memorable meal.

Chicken Hof & Soju Bar
Shop C, G/F, 405-419 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai
2176 4598


  1. So... when would you be up for eating there again? ;)

    1. Someone must have had KFC dreams last night!!!