Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Run to Central

The anti-Occupy Central group wants movement devotees to run on Sunday
The anti-Occupy Central campaign is still collecting signatures and as of Monday has 1.1 million of them.

But the organizers of this group doesn't think that's enough and public marches are needed.

"We need to walk the walk for peace. We need to move along the road toward universal suffrage with concerted efforts," explained Connie Wong Wai-ching, president of Kowloon Federation of Associations and one of the coordinators of the rallies.

They are now putting together a "Run and Sweat Please -- Run to Central" that will take place thus Sunday.

Participants can start at 7.30am that day for a non-competitive race, or join the conventional march at 3pm.

Both routes start at Victoria Park and follow the 3.2 kilometre tram line to end at Chater Garden.

Sound familiar to the one held in July 1?

But in this case, organizers are not allowing any other participants with other political messages to join in the event.

While organizers are hoping for 10,000 to show up, there are estimates there could be as many as 60,000 taking part.

It's amusing to see the anti-Occupy Central camp so fitness oriented... how many people will they get out on the streets on Sunday?

The organizers are touting it as "Peace and Democracy Day". It sounds so PRC and we wouldn't be surprised if they were footing the bill for the event too.

The battle for the hearts and minds of Hong Kong people continues...

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