Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Major Setback

I've just come back from Macau on a work assignment, and during dinner got a text message from YTSL that Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor had called off talks with the students that were scheduled on Friday afternoon.

She said the students had not met the conditions for dialogue to go ahead as planned:

"The talk is based on two conditions: First the discussion must be within the framework of the decision made by the National People's Congress Standing Committee. Second it must not be linked to the Occupy movement. Unfortunately the protesters rejected the rational proposal and went back to their old position.

"They now insist on public nomination and to abolish the decision made by the NPCSC. They also link the dialogue with the Occupy movement and even said the movement would last until the talks produce a result [they want]. This is sacrificing public good for their political demands, and is against public interests and political ethics."

This was not news I wanted to hear and probably the other 7 million people in Hong Kong.

She is trying to make the students look idealistic, but really the government didn't want to talk about issues the students were concerned about.

Who is stalling whom?

All along the students have called for a public nomination of candidates. This is why they are committing civil disobedience right now. And many others support them.

If the government wants to reclaim the roads linking Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay as well as Nathan and Argyle Roads in Mongkok, then it has to at least start a dialogue with the students.

The optics now make the government look like the irrational one; it seems Lam is speaking from a script she didn't write.

She and Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying are not showing any good will towards the students, the protesters, nor to the rest of the city.

As expected some 5,000 people came out in droves to Admiralty to show their support for the students tonight.

A rally has been called for tomorrow evening at 7.30pm on Harcourt Road now named "Umbrella Square" in Admiralty and it won't be surprising to see thousands show up.

A colleague remarked to me this morning as we made our extended commute to work that she wouldn't be surprised if the roads would stay blocked until the end of the month.

Now with this major setback, it looks like it will continue into next month...

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  1. Why would one meet Occupy representatives and NOT talk about matters pertaining to what brought people to Occupy?

    I think of that sign hanging out in Admiralty: "Your arrogance keeps us here. Solidarity will see us through." Definitely re the first sentiment and fingers crossed re the second!