Saturday, 11 October 2014

Waiting for the Next Move

The scene this evening just after 9pm looking down towards Admiralty
This weekend is going to be quiet around the Occupy sites because all the top Hong Kong officials have gone across the border to Guangzhou for a regional forum.

My friend YTSL is a devoted Occupy fan and has spent the last two weekends hanging out in the protest sites. She says she does a lot of reading and takes lots of pictures for her blog.

People read, check Facebook, sleep...
This evening she gave a bag of toothbrush sets and shaving kits taken from hotel rooms to donate to the cause. At first the students were a bit confused by what she was offering, but gratefully accepted them. Everyone needs to have clean teeth to protest, right?

I'm more of an observer who likes to check things out at the Occupy site, and have pretty much adopted the Admiralty one because of convenience. I'm really enjoying walking along the blocked off roads to Central and wonder if people have become more fit these past few weeks too?

But tonight YTSL persuaded me to have a picnic dinner in Admiralty and we did! I got a salad, she a sandwich and we plonked ourselves towards the top of the overpass, away from the massive crowd by the MTR station, but near many people lined along the road.

We sat on the road and ate our dinners, chatting and catching up. What was interesting though was the people watching. Sitting there you see all the people walking by, many wearing black and/or the yellow ribbon.

There were parents who brought young kids, young people, seniors, all in casual clothes, whereas yesterday many at last night's rally wore their work clothes to support the movement. We even saw a jogger (in yellow!) running past.

Chan Kin-man says Beijing has to address the students
However everyone is wondering what is going to happen next. How is the Occupy movement going to resolve peacefully? When are the roads going to be cleared?

No one knows the answers. But the fact that so many people come out to bring mats and tents show they are dedicated to their cause. They really believe this is the last chance they have to voice their dissatisfaction to Beijing, and they want their masters on the mainland to hear them loud and clear.

And this is an opportunity Occupy co-founder Chan Kin-man says China should not lose.

"Beijing will lose [the support of] this generation of young people in Hong Kong if it refuses to address their aspirations for greater democracy," Chan said. "Even if the protesters are dispersed by police, their discontent won't dissipate. How can the Hong Kong government maintain effective governance in future?"

That's advice Beijing cannot afford not to take.


  1. "This evening she gave a bag of toothbrush sets and shaving kits taken from hotel rooms to donate to the cause."

    Well, since people are spending the night and camping out there, I figured they may have some use for toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kits and the like! ;b

    1. HI YTSL -- just explaining what you brought!

    2. And I explained why I thought they could be of use... ;)

  2. thank you YTSL for your support. CY Leung essentially is done as CE. If I were Occupy Central, I would send a squad toward Lo Wu (ie Sheung Shui) to disrupt the parallel trading. Occupy Central needs to point out the high real estate prices, the entrenched real-estate cartel and highlight HK land policy causing problems in HK society.

    However, I see Carrie Lam is worse than CY. From video and photos, Carrie Lam is either very non-sincere or she could be the ultimate chameleon (basically working for HK while screwing over the CCP). HK is done if Regina Ip or her kind (ie Starry Lee) becomes HK CE.