Friday, 24 October 2014

Keeping the Banner Alive

The "in" thing to do at the Admiralty site this evening
Just over 24 hours later, the 28-metre-long yellow banner that read, "I want true democracy" on Lion Rock was taken away by government services around 11am.

Police cordoned off the area so that a team of eight firefighters and five mountain rescue officers could clear the banner that was hung by a mountain climbing group called The Hong Kong Spidie.

Street art continues to flourish here
Nevertheless, the pictures of the banner were all over the place, and will be remembered for a long time. It's probably the most creative idea to date with regards to the umbrella movement.

But not before the banner was gone, people were already taking creative license with the banner. For example, they took a picture of the grown up Simba from Lion King and draped the banner along its back, to represent Lion Rock.

In another they took the picture of the five government officials pictured before they debated with the students, and on each of them, covered their faces with a smaller copy of this banner.

Some say this is similar to what Taoist priests do to exorcise Chinese vampires -- by sticking a piece of paper on their heads with calligraphy on it. Are they implying Hong Kong's government officials are vampires and democracy with exorcise them?

Umbrella supplies just in case...
And so tonight at Admiralty, YTSL and I saw a few people have that yellow piece of paper that says "I want true democracy" and the sticking it on their faces to be photographed.

Seems like the "cool" thing to do at the protest sites now...

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