Friday, 17 October 2014

Continuing to Fight Their Ground

The crowd singing and lighting up their phones tonight in Admiralty
Actions speak louder than words.

Yesterday Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said he was open to dialogue with the students, but also clearing the streets. And he (or rather the Hong Kong Police) did that early this morning in Mongkok.

They swooped in at around 5am and again systematically cleared tents and barricades to get the streets ready for the morning rush hour. However, protesters refused to leave and occupied part of one street.

"Hui Sir" with his famous line "I will now recap in English"
More people came by later and tonight there are clashes with police who are using pepper spray and batons to push back protesters away from Nathan and Argyle roads that they reoccupied, by constantly dropping and picking up coins on the roads.

This clearly shows Leung is not bargaining in good faith -- he has scheduled to meet with the students on Tuesday, perhaps his deadline to clear the roads by then so that the students will have no bargaining chips left.

And this is why Joshua Wong Chi-fung is calling on protesters in Admiralty to go to Mongkok to maintain their ground. It really is a battle for territory now.

Breaking news -- the protesters outnumbered the police and have retreated for now...

A straight-forward message in baby tiles...
I didn't go to Mongkok but stayed in Admiralty, where there were probably 2,000 people including Central who were there to show support.

Students were in tents lit with desk lamps where they did their homework, though how do you concentrate when people are giving speeches? There was even a sign that read "We are not a tourist site", as a hint not to take pictures of them.

We still saw a lot of artistic creativity pouring out, from urban sketching to fantastic caricatures of Leung, and even a painting of Chief Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch Hui Chun-tak.

Broken umbrellas create a canopy
He has been the face of the Hong Kong Police since day one, giving daily afternoon briefings to the media. And locals have made Hui, or "Hui Sir" or "Mr Hui" a celebrity online, creating spoof videos of him or rap songs using his usual line, "I will now recap in English".

Occupying the roads has been an amazing experience. We literally sat on the flyover and had our dinner, chatting. Many others were gathered like us too, having conversations and not always checking their phones every other minute. More people are seen reading too, which is not what you'd see much in the city.

Over a year ago everyone was gaga over a large, inflated yellow duck. Now they are fighting for democracy.

Here's a heartwarming video to remind us all what we're fighting for:


  1. I really admire these people, standing their ground for so long, and still acting so civil.

    1. Hi Diana! Great to hear from you. Yes it is amazing they have lasted this long and continue to have the resolve to fight. Every time I go visit them I feel that they have already changed Hong Kong for the better, but more importantly they have exposed the social, economic and political problems that have been neglected for so long.

  2. " problems that have been neglected for so long..."

    YEP, time to SOLVE above problems. But how? Let's see: how about start with Property-Blood-Suckers & stop the current High Land Price policy? Or at least practise it with some RESTRAINT? As C.H.Tung tried doing. Should be do-able -- Where else (in the whole wide world) would HK-blood-suckers (aka HK Real Estate Tycoons) be tolerated, as they maltreat Housing customers with such undisguised contempt? Answer: Nowhere else -- they would be run out of town, or maybe lynched! And deservedly so, because they seem to be SUBHUMAN.

    1. HI Anonymous -- the system is not working and these protests are proving so. This is why we need democracy -- for accountability.