Friday, 8 April 2016

More CY Leung Family Drama

Leung Chung-yan (middle) almost left her bag at Hong Kong airport
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and his family are back in the spotlight again after an Apple Daily report the other day about his daughter leaving her luggage in a non-restricted area but she was about to board her flight to San Francisco on Marcy 28.

What makes this interesting is the differing accounts of the story.

Apple Daily reported -- complete with a copy of Cathay Pacific's internal memo -- that Leung was in touch with the airline's staff demanding that they help his daughter retrieve the luggage -- even though this is against airport security rules.

When Cathay staff addressed him as "Mr Leung", he apparently demanded they call him "Chief Executive Leung"...

The bag was finally brought to the gate by a Cathay staff
But the document did not document the telephone conversations.

However, his office claims he only heard about the luggage issue when he called his daughter to wish her a good flight, as it was his wife Regina who saw their daughter off at the airport.

It was then that he called airline staff, but only to find out how the luggage would meet up with her if she left on her flight. The CE's office also stated Mrs Leung never went to airport restricted areas, or the boarding gate area, nor did she wear any "special identity".

He also claims he didn't abuse his power, nor ask anyone to call him "Chief Executive Leung".

Another version of the story has come out that it was Mrs Leung who insisted that airport staff take the luggage, which was left in the immigration area and bring it to her daughter.

According to a Cathay log, Chung-yan was arguing with airport security Aviation Security Co (AVESCO) for more than 20 minutes.

"Leung [Chung-yan] asked us many times to claim her bag on her behalf from AVESCO," the log said.

Apparently Chung-yan left her bag at immigration
"She was aware time was running out [boarding had started] and she did not want to waste time going through immigration."

"At 00:05 on March 28, passenger's mother returned to the site and confirmed the bag belongs to her daughter," according to another entry.

"Mrs Leung said her daughter must board [the flight] with this bag."

While AVESCO staff tried to explain to Mrs Leung that the owner of the bag must personally retrieve it, the chief executive's wife apparently insisted on having things her way.

Then at 12.15am, a Cathay staff retrieved the bag with permission of AVESCO and by 12.23am, Chung-yan received it and immediately boarded the flight.

Which version do you believe?

The story is making the rounds on social media and already the court of public opinion has weighed in.

Wouldn't it be best if the facts were clarified as quickly as possible?

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