Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Few Singapore Eats

The most memorable dish of the trip -- black pepper crab at Jumbo
We can't end our Singapore series without talking about the food!

We went to a few good places around the city for some memorable dishes.

The wet and spicy chilli crab also at Jumbo
Our first stop was Jumbo for crab. We went to Dempsey for lunch and we were surprised it was not very busy, but even better for us to have decent service. After we ordered we were given bibs to wear which are fun and useful especially if you are wearing a suit, as some of the other tables were.

The most important item to order here was the black pepper crab, which the four of us somehow demolished quite quickly. The black pepper wasn't too overpowering and the crab was cooked just right with a bit of sweetness and a slightly peppery finish.

Seeing as we were doing well, we also ordered the chilli crab, that came in a thick wet sauce. This one I didn't appreciate as much, as the crustacean seemed to be drowning in the red, orange and white sauce with a spicy end note that made it hard to taste the actual crab meat.

A small (and spicy) bowl of laksa at 328 Katong Laksa
Nevertheless, we also enjoyed cereal prawns that were on the sweet side, razor clams steamed with garlic that were oh-so-good, and tofu topped with seaweed and braised with mixed mushrooms. We also ordered water spinach with salty egg and preserved egg.

We were so full afterwards we walked it off at the National Gallery of Singapore afterwards.

In the evening we went to 328 Katong Laksa for... laksa! That's all they serve really, small or large that was quite spicy the more you ate it, and we had steamed fish paste in bamboo leaves called otak that seemed quite dense.

The next day lunch was Hainan chicken rice. We ordered the lunch special and speculated it was only a quarter chicken; we asked for another order and got another half chicken! We also ordered deep-fried tofu, more otak, this time tasting much better, less fishy and more light, and potato shoots that were on the old side.

A small portion of Hainan chicken rice!
The chicken was delicious, tender, and had a chicken taste which was surprising since they were quite large birds.

While we ate, we also drank a lot of juices, like lime, calamansi and coconut. How refreshing!

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