Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Written Loyalty to the Party?

A newlywed couple began their new life together copying the constitution...
The Communist Party of China is demanding its 88 million members show their loyalty by copying out the 15,000-character constitution -- by hand.

In an article published by PLA Daily, it warned members against just mindlessly copying the text, that they should use the opportunity to fully understand the meaning before they published their final product on social media.

"If copying out is just about moving the pen and is not done wholeheartedly... if it fails to touch the thoughts and the soul, the well-intended campaign will lose its meaning and be reduced to a form of delicate formalism," said the PLA Daily article.

Did they spark a trend endorsed by Beijing or was it staged?
"The purpose of transcribing is to study and to be awakened, to remind yourself of your original intention [of joining the party] by engaging full-heartedly," it added.

The campaign first got attention after a newlywed couple was photographed writing paragraphs on their wedding night.

Didn't they have more important things to do on their wedding night than copy of several hundred words of the constitution? Many thought the photos were staged.

Chen Daoyin, an associate professor at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, said the campaign was eerily similar to people studying quotations from Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution.

"This reflects a societal turn to the left since Xi rose to power," Chen said. "But society is progressing, and the new generation is under an age of rapid development of the media and information, is no longer the same. These campaigns nowadays often end up as a target for sarcasm by society, as the propaganda apparatus is always falling behind social development."

He added the campaign had already been abused, saying there were 20 migrant workers in Jiangxi province who were hired by a company to hand copy out the constitution in front of a high court to protest the court's handling of a case involving the company.

Some sections of the constitution copied by others
It does seem kind of Cultural Revolutionary to have to copy out the constitution -- does that prove one is "more red" than the next person?

Or is it evidence the person is more of an obedient sheep?

Does anyone in the United States have to write out the Declaration of Independence to prove their patriotism to the country?

Are China's leaders doing it too? Or just laobaixing (ordinary folk)?

Surely there are other ways to prove one's love for their homeland -- unless they really want to practice writing Chinese characters by hand...

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