Monday, 30 May 2016

Ken Tsang's Days in Court

Ken Tsang speaks outside the court following his sentencing today
Today one of the Occupy protesters who spilled a foul-smelling liquid on police officers in October 2014 was sentenced to five weeks in prison.

Ken Tsang Kin-chiu was convicted of one charge of police assault and two counts for resisting arrest.

Interestingly during the trial the main bone of contention was his identification, as police video showed a man in a black T-shirt, goggles and a mask splashing liquid, and his defense team claimed it was not him.

Footage showing Tsang spilling unknown liquid on police
Tsang, 40, didn't take the stand, nor did he have any witnesses in his defense.

But Principal Magistrate Peter Law Tak-chuen said last Thursday he was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Tsang was the one who spilled the urine-like liquid on 11 police officers, and that the act of doing that amounted to assault.

Today Tsang accepted the sentence, saying outside the court: "Even though I am disappointed and sad about the judgment, I still respect the legal system in Hong Kong."

While he agrees with the length of the sentence, the social worker with no previous criminal record plans to appeal.

Later that evening he was arrested and allegedly beaten
The sentencing comes a day before another trial begins -- that of Tsang allegedly beaten by seven police officers after he had spilled the liquid on their colleagues.

We will have to see what defense the police have -- as many saw the video of them dragging Tsang into a dark corner and apparently beat him.

This is the case everyone will be watching, and how it plays out could affect the next steps of activists and localists...

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